Infrastructure for healthcare personalization

Blockchain, big data, genetics and transparency are together changing how the healthcare market works. All healthcare will become personalized in the future. We are creating this future now.

How data helps personalize healthcare
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Per year is the average
expenditure on finding
patients in the USA

Most of them do not have an access
to personal treatments
Small genetic companies
Trying to monetize the database
somewhere in future

How it works

GenX delivers open source software that can be integrated with the data provider’s stores and provides pharmaceutical companies with combined access to them.

Cryptography and blockchain provide reliability and transparency.

All transactions history is kept in blockchain ledger and transparent to all participants:
  1. The pharmaceutical company sends a request with search criteria for a genotype or/and phenotype.
  2. Each data provider responds to the request by writing a transaction to the blockchain detailing how much data it has matching the request.
  3. The pharmaceutical company writes a transaction with a price offer for each individual data sample or as a whole.
  4. Data providers respond with a transaction approving (or rejecting) the price.
  5. If a price-matched data request appears on the blockchain, the GenX service node initiates the deal procedure.


Pharma companies and Research institutions

Use data for R&D

Obtaning channel of comunication with potential clients and contributors to R&D

Gain access to data of a variety of people belonging to varios groups

Genetics companies, clinics and biobanks

Make additional profit by providing pharma companies with access to collected data

Use of consensus mechanism to provide better treatment and data analysis

Provide a better service to their clients


Participation in clinical trials for money or on other terms

Obtains more precise and complete assessment

Offered personalized medicines by Pharma

Contributing data for good of humanity or rewards


  • Kirill Petrenko

    CEO and co-founder

    Co-founder of MaxyGen
    (genetic device company)

    Co-founder of Genotek (successful
    genetic test analysis company)

    Startup accelerators:
    – StartUp Sauna (SV, USA),
    – StarTau (Tel Aviv, Israel)

    MSU, Ms in Math

  • Konstantin Stiskin

    Creator and co-founder

    Genotek board member.
    Venture Partner at Target Global,
    more than 20 deals in other VCs
    and PEs.

    More than 40 deals and 10 exits
    Vast experience in VC and as
    business-angel, including:
    – Runa Capital
    – Phenomen Ventures
    – FinSight Venture funds

    HSE and Hult BS

  • Ilya Sachkov

    Partner (cybersecurity
    and personal data)

    Founder of Group IB, a leading
    cyber security company.
    Member of cybercrime expert
    committees in the Council of
    Europe and the OSCE.
    MGTU Bauman

  • Alena Soboleva

    Advisor (pharma relations)

    Associate GR Director at Merck & Co.
    Founder and Executive Director at
    Skolkovo Health Economics and
    Management Centre.
    Professional fundraiser with a solid
    experience in working with pharma
    companies and medical devices producers

    MSU, MS in math

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